Aug 14 2020

Dave’s Weekly Market Update

Hello all,

The egg market rose .02 this week. The larger sizes are harder to come by due to the extreme heat throughout the country. I would expect more to come but I don’t think it will be drastic.

The butter market is weak. There were 48 loads traded this week, 26 of them today, when it dropped more.
People feel this is a good point to lock in their 4th quarter needs. I think we will see it drift a little lower in the weeks to come due to the lackluster foodservice demand.

The cheese market dropped more this week and started rebounding in the past 2 days. We are lowering our prices as fast as we can considering the collapse of the markets.
We have gone down over .50 on both markets in 2 weeks. There should be more decreases coming your way late next week. This is not the best time to be a dairy redistributor.

We thank you for your continued business and wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.