Dec 05 2019


Good day to all

     The egg market tanked this week and dropped .20 on the larger sizes. There will be more to come as the tone of the market is weak.
     Butter is also weak and we are at the lowest levels in years. I do feel it will keep dropping and might drop another .20 or so before it is done.
     The cheese market can not make up its mind. This week both market rose which is atypical for this time of year. The spread is still inverted by .27 and at some point it needs to adjust to where the Block is higher than the Barrel.
Shredded Cheese situation:
      Since Laubscher/Lakewood Cheese company had a major recall on all their shredded cheese we have been struggling to fulfil orders. We have brought in Great Lakes shreds to cover most items and most of it went out as soon as it arrived. We have 2 more trucks due next week and hopefully we can cover all shorts by the end of the week.
Thank you for your continued business and we hope you have an enjoyable weekend.