Sep 12 2019


Good afternoon,

     The egg market is tanking this week. The larger white eggs dropped .21 with more to come. I expect more staring tomorrow as the tone of the market is weak.
     Butter rose some this week and 2,000,000 lbs traded hands at the exchange so far this week. That is very heavy as buyers try to lock in these lower prices before the retail order start coming in and driving the market up.
      The Block market is on fire this week. It closed at $1.9875 last Thursday and jumped to $2.1475 today. If nothing changes we will be up another .06 next week as we set the market at $2.09. Barrel also rose from $1.7325 Thursday to $1.88 today. We are set at $1.84 so the same goes here. Up .04 even if there are no changes. The spread is still huge and it remains to be seen as to how the gap closes. We are at the end of the Barrel season as grilling tapers down after Labor day. Blocks seem to be in tight supply and are driving the market higher.
We all wish you a safe and relaxing weekend and as always thank you for your continued business.