Jun 14 2019


Good afternoon to all,

     The egg market is on fire! We enjoyed very inexpensive eggs for a long while and they are now heading back to a level where farmers can live. I expect more increases next week but I doubt as aggressive as this week.
     Butter Was .02 higher earlier in the week but dropped back down. Expect more of the same next week. There were 37 loads of butter traded as buyers try to lock in butter at these levels to cover their needs for later in the year.
     Block cheese kept rising and Barrel cheese turned around after dropping the last few weeks and I believe is poised to go higher. We are still in peak demand season for American cheese. The spread is still over .20 and I still feel that the Barrel will rise more to close the gap.
We all hope you have a safe and relaxing weekend and as always thank you for your continued business.