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Feb 28 2019


Good day to all, Eggs:       Eggs remained stable this week until today when the Medium eggs rose .02. I feel that we will see the larger sizes start moving as we head into next week. Butter:       Butter rose slightly this week. Only 5 loads were traded at the CME

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Feb 21 2019

Dave’s Weekly Market Update – Week of 2/25

Eggs:      There was absolutely no movement in the egg market this week which is a welcome change. The next move will be up and it might start towards the end of next week. Butter:      Butter also ended up not moving from last week. It did go up a fraction of a

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Feb 14 2019

Dave’s Weekly Market Update

Good afternoon to all! Eggs:      The market continued to tumble this week but slowed down as the week progressed. The tone of the market is “attempting to settle”. There may be a slight additional drop but we do not feel there will be much more movement in the immediate future. Butter:      Butter

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