Sep 17 2015

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Good Afternoon

     The large egg market dropped .22 this week. There is still talk of extremely high markets as we approach the holiday baking season. The fear is that as birds migrate the Avian Flu might reappear and spread to other parts of the country. Time shall tell on that.
     The butter market continued to jump this week seemingly with no end in sight. People are still concerned with not having enough to make it through the holiday season. The retail trade is starting to pull in their holiday orders and this is helping to push the market higher. Cream cheese will keep rising and fluid cream will jump substantially for October.
     The cheese market dropped this week and jumped back up some today. It keeps staying within this range but is making it challenging to maintain inventory as well as profitability levels.
Honor Foods thanks you for your continued business and wish you a safe and relaxing final Summer weekend.