Aug 22 2014

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Good Afternoon:


The egg market started its climb this week and is “full steady” with supplies being tight on the larger sizes. Expect to see sizable increases as schools are opening and the market always over reacts in both directions.


The activity at the CME has been extremely active. There are many buyers and few sellers. They keep bidding it higher and higher. There is concern that there will not be enough butter for the holiday demand. By pushing it so high they hope to slow the retail demand for the holiday baking season and have enough to go around!


The cheese market continues to keep rising also. The market was almost flat in todays trading but still ended up higher than the average. This will cause prices to go even higher if there are no changes next week. I think we may be near the top but as always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations of the markets and can guarantee no results.
We all thank you for your continued business and wish you and your families a safe and relaxing Summer weekend!