Feb 19 2013

New Items: Pierce Chicken Dip-Stix

Honor Foods is happy to now stock all 3 varieties on Pierce’s newest creation, Dip-Stix!

  • 7621 – 2/5# Breakfast Crunch (Seasoned Breast Meat w/ maple syrup)
  • 7619 – 2/5# Sweet Heat (Seasoned Breast Meat that starts sweet w/ a spicy kick)
  • 7620 – 2/5# Cheese (Seasoned Breast Meat infused w/ cheddar cheese along w/ a cheese flavored crumb style breading)

Dip-Stix provide a hand-held, infinitely portable menu item that’s a great addition to your snack, Appetizer, Breakfast or Kid’s Menu. In addition, they provide great taste for your menu and are easy to pre-pare (bake or fry). Make sure to ask your Honor Foods sales representative for more information and pricing.

Learn more about Dip-Stix and POS.