Feb 14 2013

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Happy Thursday!

I have a couple of things to pass along to keep you aware of some changes we have made. Goat cheese. We have changed packers to keep the prices competitive and avoid a price increase.  We have switched to Couturier away from  Mont Chevre. The pack changed on the big logs (1 kilo size)  went from 3 per case to 2 per case.

I also want to bring it to you attention that Euphrates feta (from Springfield) went down .10 per LB on all pack sizes.  I am working on the Nasonville that we carry in Philly and hopefully will have a reduction there shortly.


The egg market continued to drop this week, but I feel we are close to the bottom of the market.  I can never explain the way that the egg market moves! The market is controlled by Urner Barry Company. They take the the pulse of actual spot market and form an actual market from those trades. They publish a daily market which is the benchmark from which everyone’s weekly prices are based on. With Easter coming I expect the market to turn right around and go back up within the next week or so.


The market rose again this week as the holiday approaches. I do not think we will see too much more in the way of increases, but…..as always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations of the markets and can guarantee no results.


The cheese market rose this week and brought the spread back into line between the block and the barrel markets. From what I am hearing today we should expect this to remain for a while.

Everyone at Honor Foods thanks you for your continued business and wish you and your families a safe and relaxing winter weekend!