May 23 2019


Good afternoon to all

     The egg market did not move at all this week. We feel that there will be some small increases in the market in the next 2 weeks or so. National inventories are down and farmers are losing their shirts.
     Butter bounced around since last Thursday. It dropped Friday and Tuesday and shot back up today. The net effect was no change for the week.
      Cheese movement was lackluster this week. The Block rose .02 and the Barrel dropped .01. At the exchange 7 loads of Butter traded whie only 1 load of blocks and 23 loads of Barrel.
The spread is .065 with the Block closing at $1.68 and the Barrel at $1.615
Tomorrow is our fiscal year end so we offer incredible thanks to all of you who have supported us all through the year. We want to wish all of you a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.