May 17 2019


     Eggs dropped slightly again this week. End users must be in heaven with prices as low as they are now. It has been years since eggs have been this inexpensive. Some believe we will remain this way for quite a white but…..
    Butter rose again this week in fairly active trading. Manufacturers are paying higher multipliers for cream which drives up their costs. Also milk supplies are tighter than they have been. Cabot has announced an increase of .03 that will go into effect July 1st on all butter solids and cubes. We have seen many changes in the Butter industry this year. Escalating prices due to a variety of cost, discontinuation of continental butter by most packers and higher demand. I do not foresee huge increases but things seem to be tightening up.  The increase in butter is causing cream to go up a few cents for June.
      Both Block and Barrel corrected a little after a quick rise. We are back to having the Block higher than the Barrel by .045 cents. At least it is they are in the proper order this week.
Saputo Gold Part Skim Shredded Mozzarella:
We could use some help on the remaining 36 cases we have in stock. This is a great pizza cheese that we are selling at a discounted price. Get yourself a deal and help out your friends here in Springfield.
Honor foods very much appreciates your continued business!  We all hope you have a safe and relaxing Spring weekend. Mother Nature is supposed to cooperate this weekend!