May 09 2019


Good afternoon,

     Once again the egg market dropped this week. Farmers are both putting birds out to molt and sending them off to processors to try to reduce the glut of eggs. The effect of this will be that the extra large and jumbos will be in shorter supply.
     Butter trended up this week ending .04 higher than last Thursday’s close. I do not feel that it will rise too much more but time shall tell. There were only 5 loads traded at the CME so far this week on butter.
     The Barrel market was very aggressive this week advancing .095 from last Thursdays close. There have only been 7 loads traded as opposed to last week when 25 loads of each Block and Barrel traded hands. So far 17 loads of Blocks have traded. The Barrel is almost .03 higher than the Block which is unusual. This is peak grilling season which seems to be driving the Barrel upward.
Saputo Gold Part Skim Shredded Mozzarella
     We have 90 cases left to move and would appreciate some help. We can sub for Lakewood in Springfield at the same price . This is a great pizza cheese that we are offering at discounted pricing.
PC Cream Cheese
      Savencia who packs the Smithfield label has had some production issues on the portion control line. We are substituting Raskus to fill the void.
Honor Foods thanks you for your continued business and wish you a safe and relaxing Spring weekend.