Mar 14 2019


     Eggs did not move this week. The next move should be up with the upcoming baking holidays. It might take a week or so before that begins.
     Butter rose slightly this week and seems to be range bound in this general area. Both foodservice and retail volume is steady to increasing. Manufacturers are still building inventory for the 4th quarter and there is talk of prices being considerably higher for that period. Time shall tell but I do not expect anything major in the near term.
    At this point cream is looking to be remaining very close to the current price level for the next month.
    Both Block and Barrel dropped at the end of last week and have been rising in the last few days. If nothing changes both markets will be higher as the close is higher than the weekly average. The spread has narrowed considerably this week and now is about .07. This is the closest it has been in a long time and might lead to more stability in the markets.
We all wish you a safe and relaxing final weekend of Winter. As always we thank you for your business!