Mar 08 2019


     The egg market surprised me and dropped a few cents this week. I thought it was going up but as always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations of the markets and guarantee no results.  (Perfect example!)
     Butter has bounced around this week. It jumped Friday and then went up over .05 Monday only to drop Tuesday and Wednesday.  We ended up down .01 for the week. Activity was 29 loads which is a strong week at the CME. More of the same to follow in my eyes.
     Both Block and Barrel had some weakness today. Block is down for the week while Barrel did rise slightly. The spread did narrow down to .125 at today’s close. Barrel has traded 29 loads while the block traded only 6.
Reminder of newer offerings.
     By special order we have an assortment of Dairy Star Ice Cream Mixes and Hood UHT Whole Milk packed 6 1/2 gallons. Crowley 1% Buttermilk is an item that is growing in volume and many people seem to use. Ask your salesperson about these new opportunities.
Oils and Shortenings by Healthy Brands.
     Both locations are stocking these and this week there was a price drop. We have Canola Salad Oil, Canola Fry, Soybean Oil, Clear and Creamy Fry as will as 6/1 Gal 10% oil.