Feb 28 2019


Good day to all,

      Eggs remained stable this week until today when the Medium eggs rose .02. I feel that we will see the larger sizes start moving as we head into next week.
      Butter rose slightly this week. Only 5 loads were traded at the CME this week.
 Cabot has reintroduced Cabot 83 European Style Butter and we have it in stock in Springfield.
Cream: Due to butter rising in the last period all fluid cream is slightly higher for next month.
New special order items available:
     Hood UHT whole milk packed 6/half gallons.
      Dairy Star Ice Cream mixes, We have access to all % mixes packed 2/2.5 gallon
     Please ask your salesperson about these new offerings.
     The Block market rose .01 while only 2 loads were traded this week at the CME. Barrels (American Cheese) dropped .01 while 27 loads were traded this week  (1.08 Million Lbs) We have a .20 spread between the markets at this point. It remains to be seen what the new “normal” spread will be and how it will affect the market. There have been exports which are helping to propel this market from the low levels of a month ago.
Honor Foods would like to thank you for your continued business and wish you and yours a safe and relaxing weekend.