Dec 20 2018


Good afternoon:

     The egg market had minimal movement this week on the larger sizes. Medium eggs have been dropping the past few weeks. We are hearing that the marketwill be fairly stable for the next week or two.
     Butter bounced around again this week ending with minimal change. Cream multiples have been dropping as of late and manufacturers have been starting to build up inventories for the Spring baking season. I still feel we will not see any drastic drops in the near future.
     Both Block and Barrel firmed up this week and rose. Cheese inventories are the highest level in the century since we started tracking it so I am not sure why the market rose except that we are near the price lows of many years. American cheese demand has been dropping as Americans are trending away from processed foods. Block and specialty cheese demand has been rising lately partially due to this reason. We also have the holidays as well as the Super Bowl which also both drive up demand.
Honor Foods wants to take this time to wish all of you the happiest of holidays as you spend time with friends and family.