Aug 03 2018

Dave’s Weekly Market Update


     The egg market is firming up. Supplies are getting tighter and medium eggs have been rising. The larger eggs have not followed suit but are expected to do shortly. I would expect it to begin by the beginning or middle of next week.
     Cream supplies are tightening up and causing butter prices to rise as demand for all cream products is beginning to grow. I expect there to be more to follow but it should not skyrocket. Cabot has been shorting all customers butter in the past 2 weeks and announced that they will have no salted cubes (55#) for the remainder of the year. We will source product elsewhere for you.
     The Barrel continued it’s rollercoaster ride but ended up with no net change for the week. Land O Lakes got slammed with so many orders last week that they allocated loads and cut many people wayback compared to what they ordered. The Block market rose some this week and will go up next week if nothing changes as the close is higher than the average.
We at Honor Foods thank you for your continued business and wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.