Jul 03 2018



13082     4/1gal    00012   Hot Sauce
A consumer favorite for more than 80 years, Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce features a secret blend of specially selected peppers fermented to perfection to assure plenty of bold, spicy goodness.  It adds epic flavor to just about anything, and with 340-740 Scoville heat units, it won’t overpower food.
13085   24/6z    00001    Hot Sauce
13087   200/7g   0003    PC-Hot Sauce
13090    4/1gal   00023   Buffalo Style Wing Sauce
Texas Pete was the first to introduce buffalo-style chicken wing sauce in the Southeast.  Today, Texas Pete continues to pleasure taste buds with the sensation of a buttery heat.
13080   4/1gal   00013   Buffalo Style Wing Sauce, Mild
Our Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce is perfect for chicken wings and a variety of other back of house uses.
13078    4/1gal   00021   Buffalo Style Wing Sauce, Extra Mild
As rich and buttery as our Buffalo Wing Sauce, this extra mild version is for those who want to enjoy the classic taste of wing sauce while taking it easy with the heat level.  Extra Mild Wing Sauce features a Scoville heat level of 100-300 units.