Jun 29 2018

Weekly Market Update

     The larger sizes of eggs are in extremely short supply and this is forcing the market upwards. I expect we will see additional increases next week. Many farmers put their flocks out to molt and now the inventory is very low. The expected heat wave will also reduce the available inventory because chickens lay less eggs when stressed by heat.
     Butter dropped slightly this week. We may see additional slight decreases in the coming weeks.
Both Block and Barrel dropped again but are rebounding quickly. I am hearing that a lot of the initial drastic drops were due to fear of losing huge amounts of business due to the Tariffs being imposed on cheese by Mexico. I am attaching a letter from one of our supplier explaining it in more detail. Hopefully this situation will settle itself down rapidly.
We all thank you for your continued business and hope you and your families have a safe and relaxing weekend and 4th of July.