May 22 2018

Brooklyn Cannoli Items on Promo!

10512   1/3.5#  LM14   Limoncello Mascarpone Cake   Less $1

This luscious 10″ Mascarpone cake is a rich combination of lemon infused sponge cake along with a lemon Mascarpone cream filling; finished with European white chocolate shavings.  A refreshingly light creamy dessert with the perfect combination of sweet and tart.


10515    1/3.58#   BW14    Black & White Mousse Cake   Less $1

A buttery Oreo crumb crust filled with a layer each of our scratch made chocolate and vanilla mousse topped with rich chocolate ganache.


0429   12/3.5z   TIC   Individual Tiramisu Cups   Less $1

A luxurious Italian dessert made with espresso soaked savoiardi cookies covered in a special mascarpone cheese mixture and finished with Dutch cocoa.


0694   12/4.5z   MIC   Individual Chocolate Mousse Cups   Less $1

Scratch made chocolate mousse cup is finished with fresh whipped cream and topped with thin chocolate shavings