Apr 13 2018


     The egg market collapsed again this week and dropped another $.78 a dozen. A mere $23.40 for a 30 dozen case or almost $20,000 for a trailer!. Certainly a challenging week in the egg arena. Retail demand is starting to pick up and it should slow down the decreases and knowing the egg market probably cause it to potentially go up again drastically in the near future as this market is a series of over reactions.
     Butter rose Monday and dropped a little today. The potential for export probably caused the jump. With Spring flush in full force the market has the potential to be volatile and go either way due to demand or lack thereof. As always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations of the markets and can guarantee no results. The recent increases in butter probably will result in cream rising again next month.
     Both Block and Barrel rose this week but declined a little today. The inverse spread increased to .16 today. I believe there will be some increase in Barrel and decrease in the Block to narrow the spread to more usual levels.
Everyone at Honor Foods would like to thank you for your continued business and with you and yours a safe and relaxing weekend.