Feb 26 2018

Icelandic Beer Battered Fish on Promotion

3556     1/10#     1652     Brewer’s Choice Beer Battered Cod (2z)   Less $0.05/lb 

3557    1/10#    1651    Brewer’s Choice Beer Battered Cod (3z)  Less $0.05/lb 

Natural fillets are coated with premium imported Bass Ale which makes for a light and crispy batter for truly authentic English fish and chips


3213    1/10#    26737    Guinness Beer Battered Shrimp (26-30ct)    Less $0.05/lb

Tender shrimp battered with an exclusive Guinness beer batter.  Fry to a deep golden brown with a nice crispy bite.


3212    1/10#    26732    Guinness Beer Battered Cod (4z)    Less $0.05/lb

3211     1/10#    26730    Guinness Beer Battered Cod (1-2z)    Less $0.05/lb

Extra thick fish n’ chips style natural fillet portions with an exclusive Guinness beer batter.


3394    2/5#    10026138    Yuengling Beer Battered Shrimp (31-35ct)    Less $0.05/lb

3378    1/10#    10025916    Yuengling Beer Battered Haddock Fillet (4z)    Less $0.05/lb

Famous on the East Coast for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor, Yuengling is a true original lager that delivers a well-balanced taste and very distinct character.


3120    1/10#    2089    Budweiser Beer Battered Cod Fillet (9z)    Less $0.05/lb