Feb 09 2018

Dave’s Weekly Market Update!

Congratulations to the Eagles for their win in the Super Bowl!

     Hold on because here we go again. I had thought that the market would hold for a period of time much longer than a day before it started to collapse. We will see more declines next week.
     Butter keeps drifting lower and now the question is will it break the “glass ceiling/floor” of $2.00 lb. Most believe that the market will not cross that barrier, but that may get tested in the coming weeks. After a short period, the demand will pick up for the Easter/Passover holidays and this should cause firmness in the market.
     Both Block and Barrel rose this week. With the supply being so high and demand being sluggish I am not sure if this will sustain itself.  As always I must state that these are only my observations and opinions of the markets and I can guarantee no results.
     Springfield is stocking an extra sharp NY state white sharp cheddar packed in 10 lb loaves that has a great price point, flavor and slicability. Compare it to our other sharp and extra sharp NY cheddars.
New Items!
Both locations are stocking Balter Meats 81/19 frozen ground beef packed 8/10#.
Please also ask about our new line of Healthy Brand oils. We are now also stocking Canola oil and Canola Fry.