Aug 24 2017


Happy Thursday,

     The egg market is beginning to tighten up as schools are starting up. I do not expect a large increase but as always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations and can guarantee no results.
     Butter dropped .03 this week after being almost .06 less on Tuesday, the past 2 days it bounced back up. My thoughts are still the same. Expect higher prices in the 4th quarter.
     Somewhat of a wild ride in the cheese markets between  the end of last week and this week. The Barrel shot up last Friday and dropped back the last three days. If nothing changes we will see lower prices next week as the close is lower than the current average. Block is in a similar position to a lesser degree. The spread increased back to .08 as of today. 

Honor foods appreciates your business and we all wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.