May 04 2017

Good afternoon to all,

     There was no movement in the egg market this week. We could see some increases as farmers remove birds from production to reduce the glut and boost prices.
     Butter bounced around this week and ended up just where it was last Thursday. Demand for cream is picking up as the ice cream season is beginning to ramp up. This will offset the lower retail demand after the holiday and probably keep butter fairly level in price. As always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations and can guarantee no results.
     The block market dropped last Friday and bounced back some today but still ended up down for the week. American cheese bounced around but ended up staying at the same level.
     Please be aware that we still have inventory on the Land O’Lakes label american cheese as well as having the new Hilldale label and will for the foreseeable future.
We have brought in a few cases of Pauly Garden Vegetable cream cheese. It is packed 4/3#. Hopefully this item will satisfy the people who have been looking for some flavored cream cheeses from us.
Honor Foods thanks you for your continued business and we all wish you and yours a safe and relaxing weekend.