Apr 14 2016

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Happy Thursday to all

     The egg market remained at unbelievably low levels again this week. There is a glut of eggs in the marketplace. Retailers are featuring them to a degree while not dropping the prices all that much and grabbing extra margin dollars. Until demand catches up with supply the eggs will remain very inexpensive.
     Butter went on a roller coaster ride in the last 2 weeks. It went up a total of .21 from Monday the 4th until this Tuesday when it dropped .10 in one session. It just goes to show the volatility in this market. Fear of the last 2 years high prices may have been a factor in the jump. I still believe we will stay somewhere in this same range for the next month or two.
 As always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations of the markets and can guarantee no results.
     Both Block and Barrel dropped a penny this week. I do not see much happening here unless demand really drops off then we will see some declines in the markets.
Honor Foods as always thanks you for your continued business. We all wish you a safe and relaxing Spring weekend.