Mar 24 2016

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Happy Easter to all,

     The surplus of eggs has caused the market to start dropping even after not rising for Easter. The flocks are large as farms have repopulated after the Avian Influenza outbreak causing the large surplus.
     Butter dropped a little this week but seems to be fairly stable. Soon ice cream manufacturers will have to start building their Summer inventories. They have been waiting and hoping on lower cream prices that are not materializing and soon they must start producing. This I believe will hold butter around this level or higher. If we have any kind of early heat wave it could cause a spike in the market. 

     The block market remained stable and the barrel started dropping after it’s .08 jump last Friday. This still left the average higher than the close.
Honor Foods wishes everyone and their families a joyous Easter and as always we thank you for your continued business.