Nov 10 2015

New!!! Pierce Chicken Dipz

Honor Foods now stock the latest and greatest from Pierce – CHICKEN DIPZ!

These unique, delicious dips can be used hot or cold to flavor up everything from appetizers to entrees. They are made with 100% shredded and chunk breast meat and are easy thaw and serve preparation. Serve them cold as a stand alone dip or use them for filling sandwiches or wraps or topping off your salad. Served warm, they are also great as a dip, filling paninis or scoop a little on top of a potato skin for a new menu idea.

If you look at the numbers it just makes sense to add them to your portfolio. 76% of consumers usually order appetizers and starters when dining out. 82% of operators currently serve a dip on their menu. Dips and spreads are showing 13% growth in the retail deli prepared foods category. With all these numbers pointing in one direction, it just makes sense! Oh…and they taste great too!!

Now In Stock:

12188 – 4/2.5# tubs CHICKEN-DIPZ BUFFALO (17820)
12189 – 4/2.5# tubs CHICKEN-DIPZ SPINACH PARM  (17821)

Available via special order:

4/2.5# tubs CHICKEN-DIPZ NACHO CHEESE (17823)

To make your lives easier, check out this link for an Operator rebate form on these new Dipz and the new Funny Bones! You can also click here for a brochure.


Make sure to call yous sales person today for more information on these new Dipz and don’t forget to ask about those Funny Bones as well!!