Aug 07 2015

Conagra Foods Moving Forward With Honor Foods!

Honor Foods has been selected to become a redistributor of ConAgra Foods. Honor Foods will be expanding our current stock list immediately in order to serve our customers better by offering them more items. We will be stocking all the well-known brands that you have come to know in foodservice: Angela Mia, Chef Boyardee, Hunts, PAM, Snack Pack, Wesson, Rosarita, Libby’s, Gulden’s, Manwich and many more!

We are very proud to be selected to partner with a company that shares many of the same values as Honor Foods. Both companies share the idea that we are more than a company of individuals — we are a family. We both have a long history of doing business and servicing the community. Conagra got it’s start in 1919 and Honor Foods in 1949. Together we have over 150 years of doing business. Conagra is well known for their generosity in raising money through the ConAgra Foods Foundation with the goal of ending child hunger. Honor Foods, and our parent organization Burris Logistics, have been partnering with the United Way for many years in order to help our local communities and the children in them. Even more important to our customers is the shared value in the importance of the safety and quality of the foods we sell.

Honor Foods hopes to be your source for ConAgra items in the Northeast! Call your salesperson today to get more information.