Jun 25 2015

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Good afternoon:

     The shell egg market has seemingly stabilized. After dropping .05 last Friday, it has remained at that level. The liquid egg market has remained extremely firm. The cost of the raw material has gone down but availability and plant capacity are keeping the prices at record levels. There seems to be no relief in sight in this arena. We are having an extremely difficult time filling our needs as suppliers are allocating most items and others just not producing them. We are doing our best to fill orders and are sourcing other brands to fill in holes in the inventory.
     The butter market has been bouncing all over the place and remaining within a close range. I feel that based on the time of year that it should be rising, but it tries and then drops back down.
     The market has been weak in the past few trading sessions. There is plenty of milk around and schools are closing for the season. It is still unusual for the markets to be weak during the summer season.
Honor Foods thanks you for your continued business and hope you and your families have a safe and relaxing Summer weekend.