Jan 22 2015

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Happy Thursday

     The egg market is “full steady” which can be interpreted as its going to keep going up. The larger eggs went up .14 and the mediums up .17 We will see more increases next week.
     There was no movement in butter this week and my thoughts are that it will remain around this level for the next week or so.
     As I stated last week our prices would drop even if the market remained the same because last weeks average was higher than the close. The market was pretty much flat this week and there seems to be stability in the market.
Heavy Cream:
     We dropped our price on both 36% and 40% early this month. Prices were dropped .25 a quart on both. If you are in Pennsylvania your pricing must still be in accordance to the PMMB state minimums. This is a great opportunity to go to the street with low prices before your competition!
Everyone at Honor Foods thanks you for your continued business and we wish you a safe and relaxing weekend.