Oct 23 2014

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Good afternoon to all


     The egg market is showing signs of strength. The market is tightening up and increases will begin. It looks like the market will top out before the holidays somewhere around .30 higher that the present level unless something unusual occurs.


     The butter market has bounced around some this week trying to figure out its direction. We still are at high levels even though it just dropped $1.00 a pound in the recent past. As Thanksgiving approaches I believe we will see more drops maybe to the level of about $1.70. Imported butter is arriving at much lower prices but that can not go into the retail trade as it is not USDA AA. Foodservice and manufacturers can use it though. This helped drive down the prices last week. Butter did drop more today.


     The cheese market is all over the place. The block was way up and the barrel (american) has been all over the place. As ofWednesday the spread between the two was a record of .30 cents. Something has to give to correct this spread. Today we saw the start of the correction, the block market had a sharp drop, but the average is still higher than last week. I have to guess we will see more next week but as always I must state that these are only my opinions and observations of the markets and can guarantee no results. Some customers ask us during the week what the changes might be, and then drastic changes take place that totally change the outcome. We try giving out information to the best of our knowledge when you ask but things do change beyond our control!

We all thank you for your continued business and wish you and yours a safe and relaxing Fall weekend.