Apr 25 2013

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Good Afternoon to all:


For the second week there was no change in the egg market. The supplies have moved into ” a well balanced position” and the market is quoted as being steady. It wouldn’t surprise me if they begin going up next week.


There were sharp declines this week and no activity in today’s trading. I am not sure what the next move will be. The domestic market had gone up sharply in response to the world market which I believe is still very aggressive. I am not sure if this is a correction or an opportunity! The increases all month caused cream cheese and cream to rise through the last month. This should reverse itself over the next month.


There was also some weakness in the cheese markets. The block remained fairly strong while the barrel was selling off. There is a huge and unnatural spread between the block and barrel markets. Now about .17 when traditionally it is around 3 – 4 cents. Time will tell us as to how this spread will correct itself.

We all thank you as always for your business and wish everyone a safe and relaxing Spring weekend!