Mar 28 2013

Dave’s Weekly Market Report

Happy Easter and Passover:


The egg market dropped a little today as all the Easter activity is done. I think we will see a major decline over the next two weeks as the markets adjust to post holiday sales.


There is some weakness in the butter market now that the Easter push is over. The drought in New Zealand remains in the background and probably will keep the market somewhere in this general area.


Cheese was a mixed bag this week. The block market (all of the natural cheeses) maintained its strength from the end of last week. The barrel which drives American cheese had major weakness from the high at the end of last week. There is a huge spread between the block and the barrel and how that resolves itself remains to be seen. These are only my opinions and observations of the markets and guarantee no results!

We all wish you and your families a joyous Easter and close to Passover. As always we thank you for your continued business!